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Sanitary Waste Management Wallasey

Keeping your company’s sanitary waste in a safe and environmentally friendly manner is our most important mission at Wallasey Waste. You can call 0151 321 1710 or fill out the form below to receive a free quote that has no obligation. In addition, we may provide free sanitary bins to your business, deliver them free of charge, and collect your waste as convenient for you. In addition to providing the appropriate containers, we’ll utilise timely and responsible methods for collecting and disposing waste at your location.

What is the Definition of Sanitary Waste?

Sanitary waste contains biological fluids and blood. These are the items that people discard that are used for their bodily fluids, including menstruation pads or tampons, used sanitary products, catheters, and stoma bags. The term “sanitary waste” is used to describe a type of waste that is obtained from a waste stream that is not infectious in nature and is usually referred to as “offensive/hygiene waste” (due to its appearance and smell). However, latent health risks present by the handling of sanitary waste should be evaluated and precautions taken. Types of sanitary waste are:

  • Waste from humans and animals (faeces)
  • Stoma and catheter bags
  • Pads for incontinence
  • sewage waste
  • Nappies
  • Secretions from the nose
  • Sputum \sCondoms
  • Urine
  • a non-infectious source of vomit and filthy human bedding
  • Medical and veterinary supplies that aren’t meant to be used again (such as gowns)
  • Plasters are used in modest first aid and self-care situations.
  • Hygiene waste from animals (such as bedding)
  • Non-healthcare waste (including piercings and tattoos, but not sharps)

Sanitary Waste Management Wallasey

The sanitary waste must be kept separate from the rest of the trash at work, even though at home you can mix them with the rest of the garbage. Workplace (Health, Safety, and Welfare) Regulations 1992 require all enterprises to provide sanitary bins for every restroom. At Wallasey Waste, we will provide your business with a free sanitary bin to ensure your compliance with this legislation. The fact that you are a business owner means that you are responsible for maintaining a safe and hygienic washroom environment for your employees.

There has not been much attention paid to sanitary practices in commercial settings. Women are frequently forced to flash their sanitary waste to the toilet or bring it home because businesses lack sanitary bins. However, due to increased education on the subject, businesses become more familiar with sanitary waste management.

Sanitary Waste Disposal Wallasey

The presence of bloodborne pathogens in sanitary waste makes it potentially dangerous. Properly disposing of this waste could have a disastrous effect on the environment, potentially resulting in heavy fines for your company. When treated and declared non-infectious, it is considered non-hazardous. Sanitary waste that is classified as hazardous has moved past being only sanitary waste and is now clinical waste, which must be managed accordingly. When it comes to disposing of your company’s sanitary waste, you must follow the necessary procedures, such as employing a licensed waste removal company like Wallasey Waste.

As a result, Wallasey Waste provides a variety of services, the majority of which are free, such as obtaining a quote, ordering a sanitary bin or bags, and having that bin delivered.

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