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In the year 2000, the UK attained a peak consumption rate of approximately 13 million metric tons, which has slowly declined to 9.1 million metric tons, or 305 pounds per person, in 2015. This indicates that we are doing a good job recycling our paper waste so far. And that is thanks to companies like yours working in close corroboration with waste companies like us here at Wallasey Waste to handle their paper waste recycling. Call us today on 0151 321 1710 and we’ll best advise you on the paper waste management that is suitable for your business.  

Not only that, we’ll also provide you with waste bins and a waste audit. We can also recycle shredded paper as long it is not dampened. Contact us today.

What is Paper Waste Recycling?

Sometimes it’s just not possible to avoid food waste. Despite being one of the most easily recyclable materials, paper eventually cannot be reprocessed due to its fibers gradually shortening with each recycling cycle.  Paper waste recycling is the method of turning waste paper into new usable materials in the absence of natural resources. This includes repurposing old newspapers and magazines, discarded office papers, other discarded paper materials, scraps from paper mills, etc. Both the original form and shredded form are possible for recycling.

Paper recycling  allows us to conserve both energy and materials on a large scale. According to the EPA, recycling one ton of paper saves 17 trees, 7,000 gallons of water, and 463 gallons of oil. Despite the fact that it may seem difficult, converting old paper into new is rather straightforward.

Paper Recycling Steps

After your paper  waste has made its fill into all of your paper waste recycling containers, it is collected and then transported to a recycling facility where pollutants such as plastic, glass, and rubbish are removed.

After that, the paper is separated into various classes according to how they were made or for what purpose.

After sorting, the paper will be held in bales until it is needed by a mill, at which point it will be sent to the mill for processing to new papers or new paper materials.

Large machines (pulpers) shred the paper into little bits once it arrives at the recycling plant. 

When the mixture of paper, water, and chemicals is heated, the paper fragments decompose into fibers. To eliminate adhesives and other impurities, the mixture is pushed through a screen. The paper is then cleaned by spinning it in a cone-shaped cylinder, and ink is occasionally removed as well. The pulp is now passed via a machine that sprays it onto a conveyor belt. Water will drip through the screen on the belt, causing the paper fibers to join together.

The paper will be dried on heated metal rollers before being rolled into huge rolls that can be used to make new paper products.

Can All Paper Be Recycled?

Despite knowing what types of paper recycling are available to you and which kinds of paper are recyclable, you may still have questions about paper recycling. Did you ever wonder whether shredded paper could be recycled? The short answer is yes, it can be recycled. As long as the paper is not wet or contaminated, it can be recycled. The same goes for sticky notes. They are generally accepted for recycling. 

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