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Commercial Waste Management Huyton

The town of Huyton is in the Metropolitan Borough of Knowsley in Merseyside, England. While it has a more rural feel than Liverpool, it still has excellent transport links to the city and its surrounding areas, including Wigan, Warrington, and Manchester further east. Huyton’s excellent road access to Liverpool and Manchester, just north of the M62, makes it a commuter’s dream. Additionally, Huyton has access to the major roads M57, M58, and M6, as well as North Wales. This makes our job of keeping this amazing town clean that much easier as these excellent road links allow for a convenient and simpler way of waste collection and disposal.

The main shopping district of Huyton is known jokingly as ‘The Villie,’ which is a reference to Huyton’s origin as a village. The Huyton Shopping Village contains several well-known stores, as well as a major Asda supermarket. Furthermore, there are a number of quirky local coffee shops in Huyton, including Yes Coffee, as well as national brand Costa, which caters to espresso and cappuccino enthusiasts. Italian restaurant Flavio’s is the most popular, although Eton Place, a Turkish diner that opened earlier in 2019, has generated a great deal of traffic from local  and tourists alike. There are also over one hundred smaller independent shops, as well as an indoor market that was originally open but has since closed. As if this town could not be more appealing, in addition to quaint local businesses and community spirits, its fascinating wartime past and historic buildings and monuments, Huyton has a rich history dating back hundreds of years.

When it comes to the waste aspects of things, Wallasey Waste Management has the pleasure of serving the Huyton community. Please contact our customer service team at 0151 321 1710 if you have any questions about waste collection and disposal. As an expert in the collection, disposal, and recycling of all waste, we provide comprehensive services. We are happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

Commercial Waste Collection Huyton

We can collect your trade waste for an affordable fee if you own a commercial property. Based on your requirements,we can arrange for waste bags and wheelie bins to be delivered on a fortnightly, weekly, monthly or one-off basis. Your business, your needs, your choice. We offer all kinds of waste collection, from food waste in restaurants or cafes located at Sherborne Square, to electrical and electronics  waste from businesses located in Barkbeth Road, we are your fist stop waste collection company. 

In Huyton, there are numerous businesses that can benefit from our garbage management services. Our services, on the other hand, are not limited to giant corporations with unlimited funds. Our garbage management and recycling operations also offer opportunities for small businesses and SMEs. We offer a variety of commercial waste management options for all enterprises, even small firms, ranging from paper waste recycling and cardboard waste recycling to plastic waste, wood chipping, and food waste anaerobic digestion.

Commercial Waste Disposal Huyton

Our professional and competent Merseyside-based waste disposal company can assist you with collecting and disposing of your company’s or office’s waste. To provide the best service at an affordable price, we may need to conduct waste audits at the location of your business. With our experience, we can help you cut waste disposal costs. As a result, we can help your company comply with its Duty of Care and legal obligations in the most convenient, cost-effective, and responsible way possible.

We prefer disposing of waste through recycling as it is the most environmentally sound waste disposal option. For waste such as food, there’s anaerobic digestion. Anaerobic digestion is used to convert food waste into electricity and fertilizer because food cannot be recycled back to food like plastics or glass. However, it is safe to note that our waste management services are only offered to businesses and not households. However, households are not without services. They can take their waste to:

Huyton Household Waste Recycling Centre

Wilson Rd, 


Tarbock Green, 


L36 6AD

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