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Commercial Waste Bins Wallasey

Each company has varied commercial bin requirements. No matter the size of your business, we offer just what you need. Call us on 0151 321 1710 to speak with one of our advisors about finding the right bin for your business. There are no fees, and we will deliver them to your offices at no cost to you. Get in touch with us right away!

We are completely integrated into the waste management value chain. We deliver the waste containers to your premises, collect and transport the waste from the generator to our treatment plant, and then treat and dispose of it. Our numerous recycling plants produce a variety of waste management items that our clients use on a regular basis.

What Are Commercial Waste Bins?

Commercial bins are containers specifically designed to contain waste from commercial businesses and industries. When it comes to assuring safe and simple collection, enhancing environmental performance, and lowering costs, having the proper bin structure for your individual waste management needs makes all the difference. In a variety of sizes to suit commercial, industrial, and general purposes, Wallasey has the right bin or container for the job.

Commercial bins are critical tools for successfully managing waste in your company. They make it easy for you to fulfill your waste-related Duty of Care. In addition to these containers, Wallasey Waste offers plastic bags that can be used in conjunction with the bins or on their own, depending on the type of waste your company generates.

Wallasey Waste Commercial Waste Bins

We are a proactive and accountable waste service provider in Wallasey. A big part of that is making sure you grasp the fundamentals of bin sizes and safety. Wallasey’s waste disposal containers attest to our commitment to excellence, offering a wide variety of options in sizes, shapes, and configurations to meet every waste disposal and recycling need. Our commercial waste bins range from small sized wheelie bins to compactors. No matter what kind of waste you have, we have got the solution for you. We offer the following waste bins:

Wheelie bins: These bins are known as wheelie bins because they have wheels. Wheelie bins are available in sizes 120 litres, 240 litres, 360 litres, and 660 litres with 4 wheels while the 1100-litre wheelie bin has a slightly larger size with 4 wheels.

Rear-end and front-end loaders: In the event that you have more waste than what will fit into wheelie bins, front-end and rear-end loaders are suitable because you would need far too many units of wheelie bins to manage the quantity of waste. The front-end loaders have a yardage of six to ten, whereas the rear-end loaders have a yardage of eight to sixteen.

Compactors and balers: Balers and compactors are used for compressing recyclable materials such as cardboard, and compaction is used for compacting a large amount of garbage. Compactors actually squash and compact waste, which reduces its volume. This will reduce the amount of storage you need on your site. Plastic, paper, and card waste can all be disposed of in these devices.

Waste bags: Commercial and clinical waste can be disposed of in waste bags. They come in a variety of colours and patterns ranging from 40 to 890 litres.

We attempt to make the waste management procedure as simple as possible at Wallasey Waste. Please contact us at 0151 321 1710 or fill out this form to request a callback and a free quote for your waste collection.

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